Neighborhood Support Program`



Northside Community Council NSP funds are designed to provide support for neighborhood organizations, agencies and small groups of residents to take action on issues they deem critical to making Northside a better place for all residents.

The Northside Community Council will allocate funds in amounts up to $500 to support new and on-going community action, service events and projects.

Projects require Northside residents to identify critical issues, develop a plan to address the issues, and educate and involve other residents in the solution. Northside residents must demonstrate leadership and be actively involved in the proposal writing and implementation of the event or project.

Past proposals have addressed such issues as:

 Beautification
 Communication  Education
 Safety
 Events


The proposal must address how you will meet the following goals:

  • Increase the number of Northside residents who participate in community projects

  • Increase diversity (age, race, gender, lifestyle, socio-economic status, faith group) of

    those who participate in community projects

  • Improve the relationships between Northside residents, businesses, and organizations

    Proposal Requirements

    Your proposal must:

  • State the purpose of your project

  • Define the issues that will be addressed through your project

  • List possible solutions

  • Select the best solution

  • Present a plan that shows how you will accomplish your goal, specifying detailed steps to

    implement the solution

  • Specify outcomes and goals and how they will be evaluated

  • Show how your project involves collaboration among community members

  • Show how your project will generate positive publicity

  • Describe how residents will be involved

  • Specify the amount requested and provide a detailed budget

  • Your proposal must:

  • Be clearly handwritten or typewritten in 12-point font w/ 1” margins on all sides, singled-side, double-spaced, two pages maximum.

  • Include a cover page with contact information, summary of request, timeline and amount requested.

  • Have the signatures of at least 3 Northside residents, not living in the same residence or members of the same organization, and signatures of the executive leadership of an organization.

  • Send to: [email protected], or mail to Northside Community Council P.O. Box 19398 Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • DEADLINE - Must be emailed or postmarked by January 21, 2019.
  • Reimbursement Requirements

    In order to be reimbursed, all expenditures must be documented by an original receipt. This applies to expenditures in the form of cash, money order or check. These receipts should match the expenditures outlined in the detailed budget. 

  • Any Questions?  Call James Kinsman: 513-549-3369