Donate to Northside Farmers Market

What are the reasons you love the Northside Farmers Market? Is it the fresh produce, the locally baked bread? Maybe it’s the cooking classes or the locally produced honey, maple syrup, or apple cider. It could be the handcrafted chocolates and cookies, the handmade soap—so many quality products to choose from.

We appreciate your patronage and know you expect the highest quality from us.

With your support, we can provide:

  • Space for a vibrant market year-round
  • Upkeep and maintenance, such as new tents for our outdoor season in the park
  • Cooking classes for children and adults
  • New vendors who will bring new products
  • Fees for services like credit cards and food stamps
  • Community outreach—teaching the importance of a healthy diet to a long, healthy life 


You are the Market. You are part of this community. Make a difference! Show your support today with a gift of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more. Every gift matters, every gift makes a difference. 


Why do I support the Northside Farmers Market? Let me tell you about my friend Sally. Her brother-in-law, Mike, asked why she bothered to freeze and can the fruits and vegetables she buys from local farmers. After all, he said, these things are available at any large grocery store. Why bother? Sally told him she enjoyed canning and freezing because the flavor was so much richer in locally grown food.

Later that year as she prepared a big meal for family and friends, Sally realized she had no more corn from the Market that she had frozen for future use. She wanted to use it to make her much-loved corn dip. But, she had to substitute frozen corn from a large grocer instead. At the end of the meal it was obvious everyone had noticed the difference. The corn dip remained nearly untouched. Mike finally got it! Local food tastes better!


Everyone connected with Northside Farmers Market knows this story by heart. Most run small farms and businesses. They work hard to make maximum use of the growing season to bring many flavorful fruits and vegetables and homemade and handcrafted products to you and your family. You know what is and isn’t in the food they sell. This is their passion.


Your tax-deductible gift is critical to increasing food access, providing year-round local food, and creating a sense of community. Thank you for your generous support. It is deeply appreciated. Your gift makes a difference in the life of our community and in the lives of the people we serve.