2024 Slate



(that means the people listed in this column are who currently holds the position -or- who held it last)


(Running, as in candidate, as in who you can vote for)

*Running un-contested


Bree Moss

Bree Moss*


Brian O’Keeffe

Erica Horton*

Board Secretary

Sara Birkofer

Cait Schauer*

Communications Secretary

Ian Monk

Ian Monk*

2 Director seats

(2 seats available, 4 candidates)

Becky Osinski

Becky Finnigan

Sara Birkofer

Nathan Davis

Nick Lay

Kyle Greene


Rules for Voting in NCC Elections:

  • Elections will take place at the February General Council Meeting

  • Eligible to vote?
    • You must be a Resident Member having registered or renewed at least 14 days prior to election.

  • Eligible to run/be nominated for NCC Board?
    • Registered or renewed resident membership at least 14 days prior to election.
    • Have attended 3 meetings of the general council body over the last year.
      • Month in which elections occur can count as 1 of the 3 meetings.
        • for example: qualifying attendance can include attending Dec 2023, Jan 2024, and Feb 2024


*above information detailed in NCC Bylaws