CoC Northside Pedestrian Safety Working Group

August 2022, following another tragic assault on pedestrians, NCC held an emergency special meeting on Pedestrian Safety. With only a couple days notice we gained the attention and presence of five City Council members, Mayor Aftab, the City Manager, DOTE, CPD, ODOT, Ohio State Rep Cecil Thomas and Ohio Senator Catherine Ingram. In that meeting, Mayor Aftab announced the formation of the Northside Pedestrian Safety Working Group to commence at City Hall. The Mayor appointed Northside Community Council's President and the Executive Director of NEST to join members of City Council, DOTE, CPD, and the City Manager's office with the directive of working together towards collaborative interventions applicable to Northside with potential to eventually be applied city-wide.


The slides below have been shared at NCC's monthly meetings; they detail the spirit and purpose of the work, provide the timeline up to August 2023, and include ways you can get involved.

Are you passionate about pedestrian safety, multi-modal systems, cars moving more safely on our streets? How do you feel about public art and guerrilla gardening? What about bike lanes and cyclist safety? Whether you're an artivist into taking back crosswalks or seeking an outlet to unleash your people power; we invite you to click here, to join the force!


We invited Northside organizations, businesses, & community members to activate Vandalia with their passion - Stay tuned for our next venture in taking pedestrian safety into our own hands.